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Aircraft Carrier Navy Gift

Aircraft Carrier Navy Gift

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Elegant personalised aircraft carrier themed gift for someone going into the navy. This is also an excellent gift idea for navy veterans. It can be given as a retirement gift, naval graduation gift or birthday gift for someone in the navy. The gift is laser cut using 3mm thick premium quality acrylic and available in a variety of radiant glossy colours.

This unique personalised gift idea for navy veterans forms part of our Military design collection of acrylic birthday ornamental plaques.

Our unique gift for navy veterans features a detailed silhouette outline of an aircraft carrier from the stern.

This aircraft carrier ornament is a perfect gift for navy veterans. As previously mentioned, it can also be given as a retirement gift or naval graduation gift. In addition, it can be given as a birthday gift for someone going into the navy or already serving in the navy. You can customise the gift to suit any occasion by personalising it accordingly.

If you are looking for personalised unique gift for someone going into the navy, this beautiful acrylic ornament is an excellent choice.

1. Select a colour from the colour menu.
2. On checkout, enter the personalised name in the Order Note box. You can personalise either with a name or a wording. The wording should consist of a maximum of 5 words.

Width: 15cm
Height: 12m

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